Material Handling

DC Automation provides automation and advanced solutions to many material handling industries, such as medical device, pharmaceutical and discrete manufacturing such as product distribution, electronics and paper industries. We provide coordinated process optimization, enabling you to take advantage of enterprise-wide decision making to drive overall efficiency. Production, quality and process control, machine logic and drive control are all integrated and work cooperatively to maximize performance. In addition, our solutions enhance safety, environmental compliance, energy efficiency, cyber and physical security, as well as asset and lifecycle management. Integrating these systems ensures that better and more focused information gets to key decision makers. 

Projects completed include:

  • MES 

  • ERP

  • Energy efficiency

  • Serialisation

  • PCS7


  • PLC Control Systems including redundant and safe control systems

  • HMI systems 

  • Safety Control systems

  • Wireless Control

  • Sensors

  • Panel Building

  • ATEX