Yaskawa Product Range

DC Automation is a specialist supplier of Yaskawa Robotics and Drives. At DC Automation we offer the best technical support and application advice for all our products, accompanied with our vast experience in the automation field. We provide many types of control systems including:


  • Handling / Mounting / Collaborative
    Application, machine tending, processing, and press brake tending
    Models: MotoMINI, HC10, GP, SIA, SDA & MH

  • Welding / Cutting
    Arc welding, spot welding, laser welding, cutting
    Models: AR, VS, MC & MA

  • Packaging / Palletising
    Pick & Place
    Models: MPK, MPL, MPP & MYES

  • Painting
    Models: MPX/MPO


  • AC Drive GA500
    The GA500 drive comes with valuable functions and smart features to provide benefits through the whole life cycle of a machine or installation. From drive selection, through design, installation, start up or troubleshooting, the GA500 makes life easy.
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  • AC Drive GA700
    The GA700 is the start into a new generation of YASKAWA inverter drives for industrial applications. Compact in size and loaded with new features that make installation and setup as simple as never before, the GA700 is the right choice for success in almost any application. 
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Servo Drives & Controllers

  • Sigma7 Servo Drives
    Faster, more accurate and with shorter settling time, Sigma-7 offers higher machine efficiency and faster settling time resulting in higher throughput. Our Sigma-7 Systems can synchronize a high number of axes and automatically adjust to the load. Built-in functions like vibration suppression, as well as friction- and ripple compensation make for consistently fast commissioning.