Browse through Panasonics product finder to get to the sensor that fits best to your needs and requirements. Please select first the product group and the selection guide helps you to find and compare the right sensor for your application.

Photoelectric sensors

Optical sensors with various sensing ranges available as thru-beam, retro- and diffuse reflective type.

Safety light curtains and safety sensors

Light curtains, single beam sensors, and scanner systems for safety relevant applications.

Fiber amplifiers

Sensors equipped with fiber optical cables. The very small and special sensor heads are optimal for limited and difficult environments.

Fibers Optical

Fibers of various types. Needs to be combined with a fiber amplifier.

Measurement sensors

Sensors that offer an analog signal output to measure distances of up to 250mm (± 150mm) with a resolution down to 0.01µm.

Inductive sensors

Inductive sensors to detect metal (iron, steel) from a distance of 1 to 10mm.

Pressure sensors

Sensors to measure pressure of gases or liquids. Flow sensorsSensors to measure flow of liquids or gasses.