DC Automation provides a variety of Safety, Automation and Serialisation Training courses for industry. We have developed three variations of every type of Training course we offer:

  • Customised Training
  • Standard Off The Shelf Course
  • Targeted Training Course focusing on industries and industrial sectors

Safety Training | Automation Training | Serialisation Training 

Safety training

Competent consultancy on the subject of machinery safety and occupational safety and health

Differentiation and job specialisation are a must in today’s industry in order to ensure that the extremely complex tasks are adequately processed and executed. The Schmersal Group has successfully specialised itself in the development and construction of industrial safety switchgear. As a result of partnering with Schmersal, we are able to offer a unique solution for safety training.

Intensive consultancy from the start

DC Automation provide our customers with very intensive consultancy when they need to select the appropriate safety switching systems and switchgear for their applications. From the customer’s point of view, this is just an ordinary yet highly important service with regard to machine safety. The fact that we are often requested to undertake other advanced tasks as well - such as comprehensive consultancy for the safety-compliant design of machinery or for the compilation of the standard-compliant documentation - clearly highlights our competence in this matter.

Many tasks - new structures

As we kept receiving requests related to these issues, we have decided to set up new structures to enable a further concentration on our core competences of the development and production of safety switchgear on the one hand and to meet the expectations of our customers with regard to the product-neutral consultancy on the other hand.

DC Automation provide consultancy services regarding the functional machine safety, such as the conformity assessment of machinery and plants. The scope of duties of the DC Automation furthermore includes the customer-specific programming of safety control systems and the run-on time measurement on machinery and plants.

Siemens PLC training

We provide ALL Siemens S5, S7, Texas Instruments, WinCC flexible, WinCC, and PCS7 training programs

Siemens S5 PLC: / Siemens S7 PLC Training

If you have an S5 PLC operating a manufacturing device in you facility and need to support that device, you need "up to date" Programming Software and a communication cable that will connect the S5 PLC to a Computer.

The original Programming Software was Step® 5 which ran on the CPM operating system. Later versions ran on  MS-DOS. The final DOS version of Step 5 was version 7.2. , no further development will be done as Siemens has declared this product obsolete.


If you are responsible for keeping production equipment running smoothly and some of the devices in your facility are controlled by a Siemens S7 PLC 1200/300/1500/400, we can provide a COST EFFECTIVE alternative to the SIMATIC STEP® 7 & TIA Portal PLC programming software from Siemens. We can provide comparable (some say better) Programming Software for maintaining your S7 PLC controlled devices.

Serialisation Training

As serialisation regulations are pending in the EU, it is imperative to ensure a successful and compliant serialisation strategy for your company. DC Automation offer a unique training workshop to allow companies to develop the skills to understand and interpret the requirements and how they affect your organisation.