MES Systems

Plant managers need to balance their customers’ requirements with inventory levels. This means timely and accurate information should be available for them to make the right decisions on whether the plant can profitably deliver on a fresh order and what impact this will have on the rest of the production schedule.   

With Honeywell’s Manufacturing Execution Systems, plant managers gain access to comprehensive performance data in real time and are able to assess and capitalize on opportunities faster and more intelligently. These operation management systems increase visibility into information, both in the plant and across the supply chain. They guide, initiate, respond to and report onsite activities in real-time, while providing feedback to planning and enterprise systems.   

For example - Gas processors have many parallel operations that need to be planned, scheduled, executed and monitored to achieve the financial potential of the asset. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) include applications to manage long term planning and short term scheduling of operations.

Additional Overview

MES also include executing operations instructions, managing workflows,
tracking performance against targets, calculating KPI’s, calculating mass
and energy balances, monitoring inventory, custody transfer and more.