Capability sourcing improves a company's competitive position by ensuring that processes and functions are obtained from the right source at the right cost. As sourcing matures, companies can leverage outsourcing and offshoring to improve costs, quality, service levels or capabilities.

DC Automation is focused firmly on strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships with major corporate and government clients in domestic and international markets. DC Automation can reduce vendor numbers to generate savings in procurement and vendor set-up costs.   We help companies achieve sourcing excellence through a range of services including: implement low cost country footprints, monetise captive operations, renegotiate contracts and maximize return on investment (ROI) on existing programs. We also support less experienced users in areas such as blueprint/design their operation and expand the current scope.

We have exclusive distributorships and strategic partnerships that allow us to add real value to our customers as well as outsourcing arrangements with companies in Germany and the Netherlands.

Outsourcing these processes to DC Automation means our clients can concentrate on their core business objectives.   Our service is an engineer-led service, which allows technical oversight of the process.

The benefit to clients is that value-adding activities are performed internally leading to the achievement of organisational goals. 

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